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MOMENT IN TIME, (out March 8th!) by author SUZANNE REDFEARN

From the bestselling author of In an Instant comes a heartrending story about the power of friendship during the most challenging moments in life.

It’s been eight years since a tragic accident changed Mo Kaminski’s and Chloe Miller’s lives forever. Now in their mid-twenties, they’re sharing an apartment in San Francisco and navigating the normal challenges of early adulthood. Along with their roommate, Hazel, they are making their marks on the world—Mo revolutionizing the news with her media start-up, Hazel using her big brain to anticipate the future, and Chloe rescuing abandoned strays in the city.

But when Hazel disappears after being sexually assaulted, Mo’s and Chloe’s lives are again suddenly ripped apart. And when the perpetrator turns up drugged and beaten, the mystery of where Hazel is deepens. Intensely worried and desperate to discover the truth, they set out to find Hazel and bring her home.

Mo and Chloe are no strangers to tragedy, but this journey will test them in ways they never imagined. The stakes are high; the future uncertain; the need for justice essential.

Will their commitment to their friend bring them closer together—or ultimately drive them apart?

Reviews ~

“In her latest novel, Redfearn tackles a timely, thought-provoking topic with sensitivity and grit. Moment in Time reunites Chloe and Mo (In an Instant) with other familiar cameos on a journey through enduring friendship and life’s greatest challenges. Redfearn fans will devour this one in a single sitting.” —Rochelle B. Weinstein, author of This Is Not How It Ends

“Shining a light on a topic that certainly needs more attention, Suzanne Redfearn’s Moment in Time is a wonderfully told tale that burns brightly with damaged characters climbing out of their own wreckage. Redfearn is such a talent, with very clever ideas, a sly hand at trickery, and an unmistakable voice; her new book is no exception.” —Boo Walker, bestselling author of The Singing Trees

Q & A with Suzanne ~ 

Tell us a little about yourself and how you started writing.

I am the author or four (soon to be five) novels and one Amazon Original Story. I started writing because I had an idea for a story I really wanted to tell. The hard part was I wasn’t a writer and didn’t know the first thing about writing a novel. Fortunately, when I started, I didn’t care if it was good. I wasn’t looking to get published. I was simply determined to see if I could do it. It wasn’t intended for anyone but me. Seven months later, I had my first clunky, poorly written manuscript, and I was hooked. I devoted myself to learning the craft and continued to write. Several years later my first novel, HUSH LITTLE BABY, was published. It was the fifth story I’d written.

How do you start your day (a routine of sorts?)

I always start with writing. My creative juices always flow best in the morning having had time to stew throughout the night. I find writing in my car to be very productive. Pre-pandemic, I would write at my local Starbuck’s. Getting out of the house is essential. If I’m home, it’s too easy to dawdle and get distracted.

Finish this: “I can’t write without…”

Access to the internet. Constantly I meander down rabbit holes that dictate my characters and my stories.

What career did you think you’d have as an adult?

I went to school for architecture and still occasionally do architecture projects. I had no idea I was going to end up an author.

Do you have a ‘day job’ as well?

Until recently, I used to also work as an architect. Writing is a capricious business, and it wasn’t until the success of last couple novels that I felt comfortable relying solely on my author income.


Where do you get your ideas?

Almost always my ideas come from ideological questions that don’t have an obvious answer. The current novel I’m working on stems from an abstract notion about the correlation of money to happiness and what forms our values. Then, once I have the thematic driver of the story, I take ordinary people and put them in extraordinary circumstances that explore and test the topic.


Do you have a manuscript(s) in your drawer? If so, will it ever see the light of day?

Oh my goodness. I probably have a dozen. Not all stories are created equal. Some have never made it past my hard drive. Others are sitting on my agent’s desk waiting for the market to shift so they can be sold. The trick I’ve discovered is not to worry about it. My job is to write. Some of my stories will find their way into the world; others won’t.


Do you have a go-to first reader after you feel your manuscript is ready?

My daughter is brilliant and brutal, and I rely heavily on her unflinching, honest feedback. She’s also a great copyeditor, so my manuscripts are very clean when they are submitted. I also have a fabulous agent who reads everything I write and gives thoughtful, insightful input that’s very attuned to the marketplace.


What are you working on now?

MOMENT IN TIME releases March 8th, so I am doing some prelaunch marketing for that, and I am also working on the new novel I mentioned about wealth and happiness. I also have a novel submitted to my editor that will follow MOMENT IN TIME (yet to be named).


Is anything in your book based on real-life experiences?

My stories always draw from my own life. They are fiction, but the characters are usually inspired by people I know, and many of the experiences are from my own experiences.


What would your dream job be if you didn’t write books? (assuming this is your dream job!)

I’ve always thought it would be incredibly cool to be Jeff Proubst from Survivor – traveling the world, creating survivor games, interviewing starving people ruthlessly stabbing each other in the back for a million dollars.


Do you have any advice for aspiring writers?

Write. If you want to be an author, you need to write… a lot. You need to tell as many stories as you can as well as you can because you never know what is going to stick.

What are the downfalls of your writing career? The best parts?

Without doubt, the hardest part of being a writer is the uncertainty. Even bestsellers aren’t guaranteed another book deal, so constantly you feel like you are on the brink of no longer being relevant. The best part is having ideas in your brain that you turn into stories on a page that then readers around the world enjoy. It’s remarkable.  

Favorite book and/or movie?

Book: The Power of One by Bryce Courtenay, Movie: Forrest Gump


Place you’d like to travel?

Next on my list is the Camino de Santiago. It’s a pilgrimage across Spain. As soon as the pandemic is over, I’m packing my backpack and going.


Is there anything you’d like to say to your readers and fans?

Thank you, Jill Hannah Anderson. It’s ambassadors like you that connect authors to readers and make the job a whole lot less lonely and whole lot more enjoyable.

To connect with Suzanne:

Instagram: suzanneredfearn

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