Tuesday, June 5, 2018

More BOOK PROMOTERS featured for you book lovers!

I've been doing this blog for three years now, featuring authors and their books, hoping to spread some book love to readers who ask me for recommendations of books I think they'd enjoy. And while I will continue to promote other authors and books, there is a group of people who rarely get the recognition they deserve: 


Periodically, I will be featuring groups of people who do everything but shout from the rooftops (and really, who does that?) about books. ~ This is the second one so if you missed the first, scroll back to the May 6th post.

Obviously, you love books or you wouldn't be at this site! Make sure to check out these book promoters social media links and follow them. You'll learn about great books, and sometimes, even get in on book giveaways!
Who doesn't like those? :)
Baer Books (Barbara Khan)
"I started my blog January 15, 2014, and started a Facebook group a few months later. We now have more than 1,100 Baer Cubs as our members are known. Baer was my mom’s maiden name and she is the reason I am such an avid reader. On the blog, I focus on the genres I read the most, mystery, psych-thriller, historical fiction, women’s fiction, literary fiction and some non-fiction. About the only thing I don’t read is sci-fi, horror, or anything overtly romance. Even though I work full time as a travel advisor, I still managed to read about 80 books last year. One of the features I like to do on the blog is called “Pack Your Bag”, where I ask authors all about their travel (vacations and for research), what are their “must haves” in their suitcase, and favorite or worst trip ever. 

I am in the top 1% of reviewers on Goodreads which was like winning an Oscar to me, when I found out! I love how social media has brought authors and readers together. Back in the old days it seemed the author was behind this terribly, impenetrable wall, put there by the publishers. If you liked a book or author, you would have to send a letter c/o the publisher. Now I often find myself sending a Facebook message or posting on the author’s page to tell them 
how much I enjoyed their books. It just feels like we are one big book community."
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My Twitter and Instagram handle is @leftyonkey (I'm not as active there.)

Good Book Fairy: (Lauren Margolin)
"For years, people would ask me what to read with certain specifications such as, “I want to get my mom a book for Mother’s Day that my dad will enjoy reading as well.” or “I need a book with nothing sad or too suspenseful in it.” I always had an answer at the tip of my tongue so I started a blog in 2012 to share my suggestions, reviews and all things bookish. 

I pride myself on reviewing books with a keen eye for pacing, plot, use of language, execution and story. I praise and critique. Unlike a lot of bloggers, I give 5 stars sparingly and do not summarize the plot. Because of this, I always remind my readers that anything rated a 3.5 or above is absolutely worth reading! 

My byline is Because Life’s Too Short To Read Bad Books. I want my followers to trust me and know why I liked, loved or adored a novel. That gives them the opportunity to make an educated decision as to whether they should read a particular book. 

I love what I do. I love talking with other bloggers, authors, publishers and editors. We all share the same passion!  My monthly newsletter contains my monthly reviews, events and other fun info. You can sign up on my website."
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Kate Rock Lit Chick (Kate Rock)
"Always an avid reader who escaped in books since early childhood I retired at age 45 due to Lupus and Chronic illness from a long career in Nursing and Surgery Center Administration. I found the book tribe community to be very supportive and I was able to turn my passion into my current bliss of reading, reviewing, promoting authors and now some writing. 

I love recommending books and seeing readers find new authors they love. I feel blessed to be part of the reader/writer community."

Kate Rock ~ Inspired writer • Author Assistant • PR for Books and authors • Avid Reader and book reviewer.

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Tamara's motto is "Reading my way through life- one juicy book at a time."

She loves Instagram, crab cakes, moscato & binge watching old episodes of Designing Women. Perfect day: Reading by the pool with a glass of sweet iced tea.

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Blog: www.travelingwitht.com,

FB: www.facebook.com/TravelingWithT,
Instagram: www.instagram.com/rockstar1023,
Twitter: www.twitter.com/rockstar1023,
Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/rockstar1023

Books & Wine are Lovely (Bethany Clark)
Bethany Clark hosts “Books and Wine are Lovely” Blog and “One Book At A Time” Facebook page, which is home to over 1,100 bookish friends (page followers who love all things book related!)

"I have many types of posts on my blogs – author written pieces, giveaways, page or link shares I have seen on other pages I believe my followers with love and reviews I personally write. 

Anyone who knows me, knows I have an undying passion for all things books – from the books themselves, bookish items I buy to decorate with, meeting new book friends and besties, just to name a few!"
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