Sunday, May 6, 2018

Featuring some BOOK PROMOTERS this time ~ we'd be lost without them!

I've been doing this blog for three years now, featuring authors and their books, hoping to spread some book love to readers who ask me for recommendations of books I think they'd enjoy. And while I will continue to promote other authors and books, there is a group of people who rarely get the recognition they deserve: 


So, periodically, I will be featuring groups of people who do everything but shout from the rooftops (and really, who does that?) about books.

If you love books, and obviously if you're here, you do, then you should check these people, and their social media links, out. You'll learn about so many great books, and sometimes, there will be book giveaways - and who doesn't like those? 


Kristy Barrett hosts "A Novel Bee" Facebook page,  which is home to over 3,300 book bees (page followers who love to find out the buzz on books!) "It's a book recommendation and author adoration society disguised as a Facebook group," Kristy sums up her Facebook page.

"My momma would say I love any books with words, except you won't find horror, erotica, or sci-fi promoted on this honey hive's page," says Kristy. Her Facebook page features endless book giveaways and author pop-ins. She often shares her "Queen for a Day" bee throne with authors and lets them take over.

Here's the link to her Facebook:

Susan Peterson hosts Sue's Booking Agency on Facebook and also posts on Twitter and Instagram (links below.) Susan explains the genres she features on her page. "I focus on women's fiction, literary fiction, southern fiction, historical fiction, and romance. I don't promote science fiction, horror, or graphic/violent books...because I don't read them!" 

Her goal is to make connections between readers and books and authors. "I don't do a lot of giveaways mostly because I want to have conversations about books, and recommending and reviewing books. I love it when others share what they're reading."

Susan retired four years ago and has read an average of 150 books each year since her retirement! "I love that, through Facebook, I've discovered so many new authors and books. Nothing makes me happier than when I recommend a book and somebody reads it based on my recommendation and loves it too!"

Here are the links to connect with Susan: 
Instagram: fuzzyhead1177, Twitter: @peterson4082. 
Facebook (Sue's Booking Agency):

Linda Zagon hosts Linda's Book Obsession and you'll find it just about everywhere! 
Linda was raised with a love for books. "My father was an avid reader and had shelves built in our basement for his books." Linda retired from teaching five years ago and was able to get back into reading. "I gravitate to historical fiction, mystery, suspense, and thrillers, but I read most genres. I enjoy a novel that leaves me thinking." She knows everyone has their own preference for many things and that includes novels. "Every novel is not necessarily a good fit for every reader, and that's okay."

Linda started her Wordpress blog in 2016 to have a place for her reviews. "I want my page to be a safe place where respect and kindness are shown to one another," said Linda. She started her Facebook page in May 2017. "I love sharing books and helping other readers. I do read most genres and try to keep an open mind. I love to interview authors and see the readers enjoy when an author responds and gets involved."

Here are Linda's links to check out: (her blog feeds into Bloglovin', Tumblr, & Pinterest), Twitter: @peachyteach

Suzanne Leopold hosts Suzy Approved Book Reviews  and posts on other social media sites (links are below.) Like other book promoters, Suzy has a passion for books. "I found that my tastes in novels were a bit outside the norm, seeking out stories with more of an edge," Suzanne explains. "I couldn't find a good source for these books and that became my inspiration for the SuzyApproved blog, which is a big deviation from my prior work experience as a CPA for media and consumer companies."

Topics or books by authors in the political arena won't be found on her blog page, otherwise, her genres are varied. "I love to do book giveaways because I can't read everything that comes my way. I wish I had a book to give everybody!" 

All reviews by Suzanne are posted on her blog site (link below.) "When it comes to reviewing books I stick by what I learned at a young age - if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything."

Suzy Approved Books is celebrating two years of blogging with a month of giveaways! Check out her links ~ blog:   Twitter: @SuzyApproved
Instagram: suzyapprovedbookreviews, & Facebook:


  1. Thank you, Jill! I’m honored to be mentioned here with Kristy, Linda, and Suzanne!

  2. Readers and authors are honored to have people like you spend your time promoting books! :)