Tuesday, May 2, 2017


Sixteen years ago, a tragic accident cost Emma Metz her two best friends – one human and one equine. Now her father’s dead too, and she’s forced to return to the hometown she’d fled. 

She uncovers a history of lies tying her broken family to the one place she thought she could never face again – the stable that held her secrets and her grief. But to exorcise the ghosts of her past, she’ll have to release the guilt, embrace the uncertainty of a future she’d buried, and trust again in the healing power of horses. 

“Author Konig’s debut novel explores the turbulent years of teenage friendship, the emotional scars of parental neglect, and the unbreakable bond between man and beast. This will appeal to readers looking for a powerfully heartwarming and introspective story.” -- Booklist

“Moving effortlessly between the present and the past, Orly Konig delivers her readers a beautiful and soulful tale of one woman’s journey home … insightful and powerful, this is a debut not to be missed.” – Erika Marks, author of the Last Treasure

“Lovely and evocative … Konig’s writing is captivating from beginning to end.” – Shelley Noble, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author

“A heartwarming, fabulous debut novel for Orly Konig! The Distance Home is a powerful, emotional story about hope, horses, and healing.” – Lisa Verge Higgins, author of Senseless Acts of Beauty

Some Q&A with Orly…

Where do you get your ideas?
My ideas come from pretty much anywhere and everywhere. It can start with a character or a title, an item or general idea. Once the idea pops into my head, I let it marinate for a few weeks as bits and pieces of the story come together.

Hopefully I won’t jinx myself, but I’ve yet to have a story drought (you can’t see me frantically knocking on wood). I keep a notebook of ideas but until they come when they’re ready.

Is anything in your book based on real life experiences?
A couple of things, actually. The obvious is the main character’s love for horses. The stable was the one place I felt most confident and that’s the case for Emma. In grad school I volunteered with a therapeutic riding program and that experience inspired the therapy element of the book.

Do you have a favorite chapter or scene?
Without giving away any spoilers, the last scene in the book is my favorite and it’s based on a young boy I worked with at the therapeutic riding program. He so touched my heart that to this day I tear up thinking about him.

What are you working on now?
I’m finishing up revisions on a book about an art restorer, the antique carousel she’s restoring, and lots of family secrets. I love everything about that book and can’t wait to see it come together finally.

Do you have any advice for aspiring writers?
Believe. Believe in yourself, believe in your dreams, believe that it can happen.

What are the downfalls of your writing career? The best parts?
No real downfalls yet. I can’t even claim the coffee addiction as a downfall of the writing career – I was full out addicted before I ever started my first manuscript.

Best part? All the amazing people I’ve met. The writing community is incredibly generous with advice and support, more than any other industry I’ve been a part of.

What are some things you enjoy when not writing?
I crochet as an outlet for my thoughts. But recently, I’ve started indoor climbing and really enjoy it. I climb a couple times a week with a handful of parents while our kids have team practice. It’s humbling and rewarding.

Orly Konig is an escapee from the corporate world where she spent roughly sixteen (cough) years working in the space industry. Now she spends her days chatting up imaginary friends, drinking entirely too much coffee, and negotiating writing space around two over-fed cats.
She is the founding president of the Women’s Fiction Writers Association and an active member of Writers In The Storm blog and Tall Poppy Writers.

The Distance Home, debuts TODAY!, May 2, 2017.

Where to connect with Orly:
Website:  www.orlykonig.com


  1. Can't wait to read The Distance Home. I met Orly 30+ years ago and always knew she would be a success in her life regardless of her chosen path. Way to go Orly, Cris is smiling!

    1. That is a great indication of Orly's hard work over the years. She has done SO much form WFWA (Women's Fiction Writer's Association) and we would all be lost without her. I'm so happy to see her hard work in writing pay off in the form of a beautiful, heartfelt book!

  2. Thanks, Karen!
    And than you Jill for all of your support!!!!