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BAD TO THE THRONE  (book 3 in the IT'S REIGNING MEN series)

Sometimes you can let your heir down a little too much…

When wild-child Prince Alexander goes on a naked bender in a Vegas swimming pool, cocktail waitress Andi McDonough decides to preserve a shot of those family jewels on her phone. But when she’s fired for capturing the royal treasures, she heads off to find herself. After backpacking the world-over on a dime and a prayer, she finds herself in Rome, where a chance encounter with the wayward prince only reinforces to her that Prince Zander is indeed bad to the throne. And more than likely to her fragile heart as well.
It's a royal romance that will have you swooning for your own bad boy.

Some Q & A with Jenny ~

What do you like to do when not writing?

I love to travel when time and budget allows. My favorite place to go is Italy but I'm flexible! I love to spend time with my family and have big fun dinners with friends and family. I used to love to go to the gym but I got bitten by the lazy bug a while back and I've been really slack in that regard...Must get back on that!
Where do you get your ideas?

Anywhere and everywhere. Sometimes it's a snippet from the news that I start to noodle on. Sometimes it just comes out of nowhere. I've come up with books just because I came up with a title I liked (Sleeping with Ward Cleaver, for instance). 
Any challeneges on breaking in to getting your first book published?

You name it in publishing and I've faced it. From signing with an agent who didn't tell me she had a baby due in a few days and then went radio silent for the better part of a year, to a publisher who cooked the books and didn't pay me lots of money owed me when they went bankrupt, to being orphaned shortly before my book release (which meant I no longer had anyone in the house who was an advocate for the book), to having a Javert-like nuisance of a human being hunt me down all over the internet to destroy my book because she claimed to own a word in the title. Publishing is not for the faint-of-heart...
Is there a particular book or author who has influenced you in your writing?

Probably the writing that hit home the most for me from long ago is Jean Shepherd, whose memoir In God We Trust All Others Pay Cash just resonates with me and I'm sure informed my own voice. It was from that memoir that the movie A Christmas Story came about. Shepherd was a hugely talented storyteller and writer and so ably captured a sense of time and place in his writing that it immediately pulls you into his world, and he does so with a charming, funny, tongue-in-cheek voice that speaks to me.
What project are you working on now?

Top of my list is the continuation of my IT'S REIGNING MEN contemporary royal romantic comedy series--book 5, Shame of Thrones, comes out December 16 and I need to have that book to my editor by Oct. 30. But peppered in and around there I decided to unearth a novel I have partly written that I wrote as a joke when, weary of the popularity of vampire novels, I told my agent years ago that I was going to write a novel about a woman who is turned into a vampire by her estranged husband and she spends eternity trying to exact revenge upon him. (oh and she's a vegetarian so the idea of drinking blood is so not appealing). I am putting that up on Wattpad to see if it generates any interest. I also have a mystery series I have started that I am keeping quiet about right now but hope to get working on in the next month. Oh and I just re-released my novel ANYWHERE BUT HERE, and am about to re-release my #1 Kindle bestselling novel SLIM TO NONE (Nov 1). And I have two single title commercial fiction novels I would love to finish and release in 2016. I might need to replicate myself.
Is there any part of the featured novel based on real life experiences?

None whatsoever! Well, actually, I was an official photographer for Prince Charles many years ago when i was a photographer in Washington DC. So I suppose that tiny factoid comes into play. However he did not kidnap me in order to escape a forced marriage haha! Though we all eventually learned that he was indeed in a forced marriage himself. So life imitates art imitates life or something like that!
Something in the Heir:

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